The new Eremaea eBird Australia website is live!

Aside from my weekday work as a research fellow at the University of Queensland, in my spare time I am also the managing editor for the new Eremaea eBird website which went live today!

Eremaea eBird is the Australian portal for the global eBird project, managed by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Eremaea eBird is the result of the merger of Eremaea Birds, a not-for-profit project of the Australian company Eremaea Pty Ltd, and eBird. Our vision for the Eremaea eBird Data Portal is to provide a regular flow of interesting and up-to-date news for citizen scientist participants, dedicated to enhancing engagement and participation in all things Australian birds.

Along with the dedicated website editorial team, we have been writing posts for the website about birdwatching in Australia, and all about the new data portal that is revolutionising citizen science. One of the best things about this portal, is that it allows birdwatchers from anywhere in the world that have collected information about birds they saw in Australia, to enter their surveys, maintain their life lists, and learn about the birds that others have been finding, all in the one website. Even better, Cornell University has an open data policy whereby anyone can access their data, other than for commercial purposes. This means that all data entered through Eremaea eBird will be passed onto the Atlas of Australian Birds, BirdLife Australia’s ongoing project that has been collecting vital surveys to inform conservation for decades.

Putting this website together has been so rewarding as it has given me an insight into citizen science and how it really works, as well as the chance to get to know bird experts from around Australia who all share a passion for learning about birds and sharing our experiences with others!

Eremaea eBird Australia

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