current students

Al Healy, PhD
Water remoteness and availability for Australia’s threatened species

University of Queensland
(co-supervised with Stuart Phinn and Rod Fensham)

Al is assessing change in water availability across time and space in Australia’s arid and semi-arid zone, and the associated impacts on threatened species. One of the practical applications of the work will be mapping the critical resources required by the endangered Night Parrot, using remote sensing techniques to identify spatial and temporal variability in vegetation communities.

Richard Beggs, PhD
The effects of a noisy miner cull on threatened woodland birds

Australian National University
(co-supervised with David Lindenmayer, Jennifer Pierson and Wade Blanchard)

R Beggs scholar pretending everything is under control

Richard is investigating the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of a management program to control a Key Threatening Process in Australia, the Noisy Miner, a bird species responsible for competitive exclusion of and declines in woodland birds across eastern Australia. His work will inform future management programs about whether Noisy Miner culling successfully restores ecological function for woodland bird communities.


former students

Payal Bal, PhD (University of Queensland, 2012-2016) Effective monitoring for biodiversity conservation (co-supervised with Jonathan Rhodes and Eve McDonald-Madden)

Geoffrey Kay, PhD (Australian National University, 2010-2016) Scaling the benefits of agri-environment schemes for biodiversity conservation in modified landscapes (co-supervised with David Lindenmayer, Don Driscoll and Saul Cunningham)

Ellen Miech, Honours (Australian National University, 2016) Identifying drivers of Proteaceae declines on Western Australia’s islands (co-supervised with Marcel Cardillo)

Sharna Bourke, Honours (University of Queensland, 2014, Valedictorian) Road rage: evaluating trade-offs between biodiversity impacts and costs of linear infrastructure development (co-supervised with Jonathan Rhodes)

Nancy Auerbach, PhD (University of Queensland, 2011-2015) Decision support for action to abate threats to priority threatened species at a regional scale (co-supervised with Kerrie Wilson and Hugh Possingham)

Mariana Walther, Masters (University of Queensland, 2012) A method for determining cost-effective indicators for monitoring a Marine Protected Area (co-supervised with Hugh Possingham, Edward Game and Eve McDonald-Madden)

Cristina Romero De Diego, Masters (University of Queensland, 2012) Climate change adaptation strategies for Australian mammals in south-west Western Australia (co-supervised with Karen Mustin and Hugh Possingham)

Andrea Fullagar, Honours (University of Queensland, 2011) Prioritising cost-effective restoration for multiple management actions (co-supervised with Kerrie Wilson and Hugh Possingham)

prospective students

If you share my research interests and would like to discuss potential Honours, Masters, or PhD projects, please get in touch. I have a number of student projects available but I am also interested in hearing your ideas.

PhD students will need to obtain full scholarships.