training and outreach

I am an internationally accredited trainer for courses in structured decision-making and spatial conservation planning, and have been involved with delivering >20 national and international training workshops since 2012 ranging from one-day to a week of training.

I am interested in building the capacity of both academics and non-academics (conservation practitioners, government agencies) to solve complex decisions related to biodiversity conservation and human development. To achieve this goal, I have developed and delivered training courses for academics and non-academics including:

  • 2013 – 2015: Training of undergraduate and graduate students in spatial conservation planning with Marxan (University of Queensland)
  • 2015: Spatial Conservation Planning with Marxan (Transmitting Science, Barcelona, Spain). More details here.
  • 2017: Using spatial analyses to inform land use planning (Wildlife Conservation Society and the Government of Cambodia)
  • 2017: Multiple workshops on land use planning, environmental decision-making and human-wildlife conflicts in Rwanda, Madagascar, Tanzania and Republic of Congo (Africa Biodiversity Conservation Group)
  • 2017: Scenario-based Conservation Planning for a Sustainable Future in sub-Saharan Africa. More details here.
  • 2019: Africa Biodiversity Conservation Group stakeholder training in structured decision making to incorporate biodiversity into land-use planning for governments and non-government organisations in sub-Saharan Africa.


I develop and personalise all courses, including writing course material, presentations and practical exercises (e.g. eliciting the impacts of threatening processes on species and ecosystems, practical Geographical Information Science applications for mapping environmental features; running gap analyses and land use planning software), and deliver courses in French and English. These courses have been very well received and I am keen to develop more materials and longer courses to further advance the skills of practitioners in developing regions.